Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drive in

We finally got to the drive in this summer and it was a lot of fun!!

We saw a double feature starting at 9:40pm, so we were there all night.

Excuse the scariness of me in this picture, it was late and we'd already been outside for a couple hours :)

We got to see the movies "Up" & "Ice Age 3"
Good memories!

*pics taken 7/17/09


brit said...

how fun....wish we had a drive in around here. the last time i went to a drive in i was dating jeff....what movie was that again?

kristib said...

Last time I went to a drive-in, I was dating Earl...funny.

You are brave to take your kids to a double feature that doesn't even start until almost 10! I'm impressed!

Meredith Wilcox said...

You are very brave. I have been thinking about the drive-in, but can't bring myself to actually do it!


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