Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summertime = more fun time

I wanted to prepare ahead for all the "I'm bored" comments, so I stocked up on craft projects. They have lots of great craft kid projects for a dollar at Michaels.

With all the rain this week, we decided to get out our craft projects.

Instead of the craft kits, Kalin asked me to buy this wood block and paint from our local craft store. Mostly because her brother had a block and she wanted one too.

She just wanted to paint the block pink and purple, but she's lucky enough to have a mom with a craft room full of eye candy that doesn't get used enough.

We pulled out the ric rac, stamps, buttons, flowers and of course, some bling and this is what she came up with...

I just love it when they use their creativity and make something beautiful! She had me take a picture of each side of the block, but you get the idea.

Ethan loves to work with these pom pom/pipe cleaner kits and they were only $1 at Michaels. The kit makes something like 5 animals.

I helped with the glue gun 'cause you know how that glue gets everywhere and you get burned no matter how hard you try not to.

This is pond pal #1, Mr. Frog.

And Pond Pal #2, Mr. Snake. Ethan actually told me what type of snake it was, 'cause he knows those kinds of things, but his "not so book smart" mom already forgot what that was :)

I had to get in on the action too. This is a magnet board I've been meaning to finish now for over a year--oops! I always start things and they sit around waiting to be finished. I should set that as my new goal--finish all started projects!!!! I'll have to show you the finished product when I get to that :)

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Mashaide said...

I stock up on all kinds of crafts too for the kids. I'd rather they do those things and play outside than stay in the house and watch tv or play video games. So we have a closet full of crafts.


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