Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Squeaker is my best friend

You know those love/hate relationships? This may just be one of those.

The last time we were down the two of them didn't get along too well, but this time...

they were BEST FRIENDS!!
So much so, Lexi missed her when she had to leave for the night. When we were at Uncle Bri-Bri's one night, she told me that she loved squeaker and that she was her best friend. I just thought it sounded so dang cute coming from a 2.5 year old. So glad that we have family close enough to visit!
*pics taken 5/25

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Kipn n' Sarah said...

That is so stinkn cute! I love it when little kids find such a good buddie, they can be best friends forever too since they are family. That's the best and to me that little Squeaker looks just like her daddy! I see so much of his face in hers!


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