Friday, May 15, 2009

Nothing like girl time and cupcakes!

Kalin had a day off from school this week, so we went to the Cocoa Bean and had ourselves some cupcakes and a yummy drink. Nothing like girl time and sugar!

Kalin's favorite place to sit! She thinks she's such a big girl at the counter.

My girl who shares my passion for chocolate! She had a cupcake with Nutella cream in it--YUM!
Lexi with a cup bigger than her face.

Just a little proof that I was there. Lexi wasn't too happy that I was pretending to take some of her cupcake, even if she didn't eat a third of it!


Trish said...

How fun : ) I love girl time! It's even better with chocolate!!

Camille and Luke said...

What cute boots! And I love your bracelet! haha Dacia you're such an awesome mom! At least your my team leader!

kristib said...

Oh. My. Yumminess. A chocolate cupcake with nutella cream? Wow. That's what I call girl time.


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