Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Get-together

Sunday 5/24 we all got together at Troy's house in Eagle Mountain.
Good thing the BBQing was done before the rain started.

We're so glad he has lots of tables, 'cause it was raining outside.

Lexi and cousins were crackin me up at their own little table. They were dancing and all kinds of stuff while they ate. Good times!

One thing you have to know about my family is that whenever we get together we play games.
We played "Three Men on a Couch". Fun game!

The girls won of course!

We also played "Famous People". That games a crack up, especially when you have to "strike a pose" (Thanks to Rach for that one!)
Are you trying to scare me Jai?

My brother who loves to take serious pictures.

Another one of my new nieces and her Daddy and Mommy.

This is "Squeaker", who Lexi informed me is her best friend.

This is my cute little nephew, who just might be smaller than my kids are :)
Lexi getting her Jen Jen love!
We had so much fun hanging out with both our families! We love you all!
*pics taken 5/24


brit said...

i love your family ( i may not know them ) but they just seem like so much fun!

kristib said...

You have to tell us how to play your looks like you have so much fun!

Rolyndia said...

Looks and sounds like it was a lot of fun.

The Martin Family said...

I love your family! There's always so much love going around :)


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