Monday, June 01, 2009


This is as far as she made it once we got back to Uncle's house.

Couldn't resist taking pictures.

I knew at some point she would roll because she is not a restful sleeper. I was just glad that she didn't roll all the way down :)
*pics taken 5/24


The Martin Family said...

Oh my goodness that is SO precious!!!!! She is so adorable!!!!

The Perry Family said...

I have missed way too much to comment on. I'm glad I'm finally caught up! Your family is beautiful and looks like you guys had a good time down in Utah. Wish we could've hung out with you all, but I guess we've been having some of our own fun, like packing and moving. No, really we've had a lot of fun aside of the moving!

kristib said...

Too cute. And my favorite from the family pictures is the banana. Nice touch! (We have some formal-ish ones with Seth in a tux holding a bright orange sippy cup...)

Amanda said...

At least it is a good kind of exhausted. I need to try wearing my kids out like that.


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