Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Right now, I am doing this"

Today I had lunch with my friends and we talked about a discussion I had with Matthew the other day about how sometimes I feel like I'll never be able to do all those things that are required of me in addition to motherhood. My friend sent me this link to an article which helped me put it all into perspective. Don't we need a little perspective sometimes? Thanks Lynne! :)

perspective #1

perspective #2

perspective #3

Although motherhood is the hardest job I've ever had, it makes me sad to think one day these beautiful little people will grow up. One day they will no longer need their mommy to tuck them in at night; to kiss their owies; to listen to stories about bugs and Portuguese man of wars; to make them breakfast, lunch and dinner; or even to do their laundry. Just like Tiffany says in the above article, I chose this. In all truthfulness, there was NOTHING I wanted more. So again, thanks for the reminder and the perspective.

"I can do it all, I tell myself. But, right now, I am doing this" Tiffany Gee Lewis
*above pictures were taken in Boise during April 2009 spring break. With Auntie Mashaide at IOU sushi.


Mashaide said...

What a great article and good reminder. I've always believed being a mother is the most important responsibility in the world. Where would we be without mothers?

The Perry Family said...

I haven't even read the article yet and I'm all teary-eyed. and then to see the following pictures of your precious little munchkins. Oh, just too much!

Tiffany said...

I feel the same, that article made me realize I did choose this and someday I will do it all but for now I've made my choice. You beat me to the punch on posting my feelings exactly. Those lunches help in more ways than one.

Camille said...

Thanks for the link to the article. You're a great mom, and it shows because you have great kids. I learned all about the Portugese man-of-war on our trip to and from scouts yesterday. Ethan kept us guessing all sorts of sea creatures. He's very intelligent, and I must say he inspired me to go to the library and study up myself.

Yoli said...

Thanks for sharing this post and article. Great reminder about our important work!

Andy and Lynne said...

I love in Elder Ballards talk on mothers, when he reminds us that the 'joys' of motherhood comes in moments. When are expectations are realistic, we can appriciate them more.

Jennifer said...

For any of you who feel like this, PLEASE read the book entitled, "Believing Christ." IT is like six dollars at seagull book and will change your world. I promise! Its a small book but will really teach and help dispell the ugly lies of the terrible adversary to our happiness.
"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Jesus Christ.

kristib said...

good call! I haven't read the article yet, but your perspective(s) are good reminders.


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