Friday, March 27, 2009

My Husband Rocks - Acronym

My lover
"Yes dear" (always willing to help)

(this was the only skating pic I could find. He's actually on his mission, which is the reason for the tie!)

Skater (past tense)
Best Dad EVER!
Amazing artist
Nifty handyman
Dang good chef

(Matthew drew me this picture with colored pencils when we were dating)

(Matthew teaching during his Masters program at BYU)

Really intelligent
Outstanding professor
Chewbacca impersonator (overall Star Wars fan)

(Our trip to Vegas before we had kids. Of course we had to take this picture!)


Amanda said...

I feel like I have insight to Matthew that I never had before. What a funny guy. I love the skating on his mission!

Shannon Christensen said...

It's fun to learn new stuff about Matthew.

Jennifer said...

That's awesome Dash. Seeing that picture of him skating brings sweet memories of my childhood when Matthew used to be so into skateboarding. It seems like and it is true that he is just so good at everything that he endeavors to do. I think its because he puts his whole heart in....just like you. Love you all. Jenny


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