Friday, March 06, 2009

MHR - Happy Marriage

Prompt/Theme for Friday: One of the searches I used when looking for articles this week was "What makes a happy marriage?" For your MHR post this week, answer this question. This is going to vary for every couple, and it's going to be the same for every couple in lot of ways. So, if you can, please share with us what makes your marriage a happy marriage - specifically, and any "universal" secrets that you have learned along the way! :)

(picture taken on our date 3/6/09)

Here are a few things we do to have a happy marriage.

-We try not to dwell on each others' mistakes and try to work things out. Early on in our relationship we discovered that I dealt with problems by getting mad and running away while he wanted to talk it out and make things better. I wanted to be mad at him and hold a grudge for a long time, so he could see how mad I was. Obviously, that doesn't work to well in a relationship, so my very patient husband was willing to say "sorry" and show me that it's not so bad to "talk it out". It was a new concept for me and I'm so glad that we've applied that in our marriage.

-We try to not sweat the small stuff. There are many times when we each hold our "tongue" because it's not that important.

-We go out on dates! I think this is really important because it's a good way to remember that we enjoy each others company and that we have a relationship outside of parenthood. Plus when else do you get to hold hands and talk without kids screaming and climbing all over you? (We need a reason to be silly and take funny pictures while waiting to be seated in the restaurant. Hence, the reason for the above photo. This was the best of 3 that we took. Lynne-I should have taken one while we were eating, but I didn't think of that one.)

-We talk to and listen to each other. It's great to know that he'll listen to my blabbing about kids and jewelry, while at the same time, he knows I'll listen to him talk about diphthongs, fricatives & labiodental pronunciations. (Yes, I usually have to ask for definitions too)

-We support each other in our interests. Matthew's really good at staying home with the kids while I get my girls night out fixes or when I'm off doing parties. He knows I'm a happier person when I get home and it helps me to be happier in my marriage when he allows me some fun time out.

-We help each other around the house. No one wants to do all the housework themselves, so we both share in that responsibility. Talk about a happy marriage when the laundry gets folded mysteriously on it's own :)

-We laugh! Laughter always brings happiness!

Anyway, these are just a few things we do in our marriage. I have a really rocking husband because he makes me so happy!

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The Perry Family said...

I love you guys and you're marriage. Thanks for your good example. I really learned a lot while living with you guys!

BenjaminFamily said...

is there a MWR? a MWR sign-up?

Dacia said...

There should be! I'm sure you could apply the same prompts to your wife.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

You guys seem so happy and it is great to hear your things you do to maintain that relationship you have.
I am thrilled to see that Kip and I pretty much do all of those things too, so maybe that means that we will always stay as happy as we are now and as you two are today 3 kids later. Thanks for this sweet post!

Olayan Family said...

You both are an example to me. Love you guys so much!


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