Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cute Cakes

I saw a post about these cake on "The Hostess With The Mostess" blog and I had to re-post it here because I thought they were so dang cute!!! Click on the picture to go to to see all their cakes.
I would love to make this one!


Tiffany said...

Ok it's almost scary how alike we are. I was also there and saw these cakes and copy and pasted them into a file so I could have them for my own. i love cut out cakes and yes all of these were adorable. My kids already have their favorites picked out. Love the purse!

KK said...

Cute cake! I'd love to try making that but Anthony's birthday is the next in our family and I don't think he'd appreciate the purse as much as I do.

Corrine said...

i wish i had enough talent to make a cake like that! :)


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