Thursday, February 19, 2009

Signs of a busy life--maybe too busy!

Unfolded laundry in the laundry room and in the dryer.
Dirty dishes in the sink.

Stuffed piled on the kitchen counter that has been there for over a week and just needs to be put away.

Projects ready to go, but not time to do them.

And you thought my house was always clean! Boy are you mistaken!

What to cut out? That is the real question. I am a glutton for pain and I continue to schedule my life away. It's one on my biggest weaknesses--thinking I can do more than I really can. How does one stop what one has always done? Oh well, I better get busy cleaning because I have a party at my house Friday night! I know, don't even say it! What do you mean I can't be superwoman?


Camille said...

I'm glad to see that someone else has laundry to do. I'd post a picture of the mountain my family has created, but I don't think it would all fit in the picture! We are so thankful that you like to stay busy, because you create fun times for the rest of us! I'm excited for tonight!

The Perry Family said...

As Lex would say, "Live your life". Yay for living life, and yay that I'm not the only one who sruggles with "what to cut out".(but I'm not doing nearly as much as you)
Cute fabric too, can't wait to see the finished projects, when you have time of course.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

This cracks me up... I should do a post like this too...people always tell me my house is always clean but I have my weeks too!! My laundry room has Kip's cloths folded on top of the dryer needing to be put away because that is "his" job. And dishes... do they ever go away?? You crack me up!

Rachel said...

Even though I have not been to your home I would have to vote is it probably still clean. The pictures can't fool me. If I had things on the counter for over a week it would be chaos unlike your items stacked in a neat and organized manner. I love reading your blog.


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