Friday, February 06, 2009

My Husband Rocks

Click on the picture above if you'd like to know how this group started & why we love to BRAG on our men!

This week we were given a couple of different options:

1. Tell us about some of the things that you and your husband do to just have fun together!

2. Tell the story of a memory about your husband that brings you a smile and a giggle every time you think about it!

3. Give us your best, most creative Valentine's Day gifts (and yes, this one is a shameless way to use your creativity to help me come up with a Valentine's Day gift, lol!)

I think I'll do them all since I missed last week with my family in town, my son's baptism and the whole lia sophia hostess event. It was a busy weekend! Anyway, let's get back to business...

1) My husband and I do tons of things together for fun. I think that's what helps our relationship--just doing things together. We love to rent movies and watch them at home. We both share a love of food, so late night movies with junk food is great for our relationship, just not the waistline :) We love to go shopping together, which I think is rare because not all men like to shop. My husband loves it and it's nice to have him with me. We just love to spend time together doing whatever we can. My husband rocks because if he has any free time at all, he wants to spend it with me and the kids. I soooooo love that about him because it's a physical manifestation of how much he loves us!

(Us together in 2000)
2) There are so many stories that make me smile and giggle, so it's hard to pin down just one. Let's see, there was the time he had a cricket in his shoe; or the time I fell over a fire hydrant because I wasn't listening to his warning with fire works; the roach motel in Vegas (not really a roach motel, but I was kinda afraid of it) ; the flipped scrabble board game; and so much more. Those are just some of the funny things that have happened during our marriage and they all make us both laugh when we talk about them. They weren't so funny at the time, but they are now! My husband rocks because he always makes me smile and not just giggle, but laugh out loud with his silliness!

(The motel in Vegas that we had to crash at for one night.)

3) Our Valentine's stories especially make me smile and giggle because we have some good memories of celebrating that day. As far as gifts are concerned, we usually say we're not going to do them and then I usually cheat! I can't help it because I love to surprise him. I used to be a lot better at those surprises than I am now. I wouldn't say my gifts are anything original or creative, but he sure does love them ;) I remember our first Valentines day. I had hearts leading from the front door to the bedroom, so he was instantly surprised when he got home from work/school. I had a "little" gift with a note waiting for him on the bed. Now, now, this is a family site, so keep your thoughts clean! It wasn't me waiting, but a little something I used to be able to fit into ;) I wasn't even home, but I had it all set up so he would be SURPRISED. Did I mention I love to surprise him with gifts and I know he loves that! My husband rocks because he always loves and accepts my gifts no matter what they are, great or small!

(Our very first place. We were poor college students at the time.)

**So maybe you don't want to brag about your spouse or you wonder why I like to. It's the concept of "good gossip". I had a really awesome class in college, it was one of my family relations classes, and I remember a lecture my professor gave about "good gossip". That's what he called it anyway. It's basically spreading good news or good things about other people and that news eventually gets back to the person you're referring to. How many times have you been around a "man bashing" or "spouse bashing" session? How do you think the ones being bashed on felt about it when they found out--if they found out? I propose that we do just the opposite. Not that we have bragging sessions or "one up" sessions, but that we talk about all those great things that our spouses do. Eventually the information gets back to them and it makes them feel good or appreciated. That's the idea behind "good gossip". Don't you love it when someone says something like "I've heard great things about you"?

After saying great stuff about your spouse, how do you feel about them. You better believe this post brings back a lot of good memories and reminds me of how much I love my husband and how blessed I am to have him!!!


The Perry Family said...

Aww...I love your husband too! I'm glad you have such a good one. And Matthew you make a good dad too, even to a little sister.

Reborn said...

I laughed at your pic of the "roach motel". I'm totally scared of those places too-- but I'm a germophobe so all hotels freak me out to some degree. It's funny how the uncomfortable experiences do become some of the best memories! Speaking of which, your first place reminds me sooo much of the first two places we lived in! Good times... :)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

I love how much you love each other and keep on it through the years. That is pecious! Kip and I are so stinkin happy it is sickening and I need to start doing this my husband rocks thing too!

Michael and Michelle said...

Dacia- You & Matthew are so sweet to each other! I can't believe Ethan got baptized!!! Congrats to him!! & you guys for being such great parents, friends and examples to all those that you come in contact with! All of your siblings look terrific!! I still remenber you all filing into the left side, usually the 2nd & 3rd pews of the chapel, All the way down to the baby- Curtis.
Life is Amazing!
Love to you All


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