Sunday, February 01, 2009

Backyard Igloo

This is what the boys (Curtis & Caleb) were up to on Saturday! They built this huge igloo in our backyard. They were out there for awhile digging up snow and making this. The kids would come in and out because they would get too cold, but the boys did this in their snow pants and t-shirts. Crazy!

It's as tall as the fence!


Mashaide said...

too much fun! Wish I could've been there.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

How funny that must be the new thing to do up there in Rexburg. My brother in law just did a post on an igloo he did at BYU Idaho with his FHE sisters. They ended up doing the block type of igloo which must have taken forever. Looks like Curtis and Caleb's igloo is HUGE as well and what a fun things for the kiddo's too!

The Perry Family said...

I tried to leave a comment, but I'm not sure what I did. Anyway, I wanted to know where there are no inside pictures. Was it too cold to take one?!


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