Saturday, December 20, 2008

Virtual Home Tour

Welcome to our home! Here are a few pictures of our home in Christmas decor. I've linked up with Tip Junkie site to show our home decor. Go visit to see how others decorate for the holidays.
As you can see, we decided on the colors brown and cream for this years decor.
A close up of my vase arrangement for my brown colored Christmas.
Zoom in on the bulbs.
I know I've posted a picture previously, but I wanted to include it with the tour. Especially since we always coordinate with our tree.
This is our way up high planter shelf.
We have lights around the front windows, but they look better with out the flash.
We have these on top of both our curio cabinets.
Close up of the decor in my curio cabinets.

This is our kitchen table center piece. I just love decorating with bulbs all over the house.

This picture is to show that there are rice lights in the center piece.

More bulbs on the kitchen counter.

Just wanted to show my cute "taste of home" serving center dish of candy!
This is how we display all our Christmas cards. I tie a ribbon across the bars and we attach the cards with paper clips. This way there's no tape on the walls or anything like that.

The kids have been wanting nutcrackers forever. We found these this year for 2 for $7, can't beat that!

These can be found downstairs in our family room.

Just cute little winter blocks on a shelf in my house.

This is our Christmas countdown that I made last year. We have it sitting on the floor for now.


The Perry Family said...

love it all! I like your taste and you make me want a house that much more!!

The Ferguson Family said...

So Dang Cute!! I loved coming to your house just how cute it would be.

Lali Johnson said...

I love the decorations, very cute! Your tree is just beautiful.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

You are so cute, I think you and I have similar styles when it comes to home decor. Way cute and I love your theme all through the house! LOVE IT! You rock!

Nikki said...

So - I have never seen your house on the inside and when I get my house, in like 70 years, will you decorate it for me??? We have the same styles (although my current house doesn't reflect it) and I think that your brown/cream theme turned out beautiful! Nice job on the color choice Matt.

Southern Fried Gal said...

Coming to you from Kimba's... Everything is so festive! I love your countdown calendar!


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