Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kidnapping Sadie

Here are some pictures that I just got my hands on. I previously posted pictures of us sisters and mom at lunch with Sadie (at the time, our soon to be sister-in-law). Here are pics of the kidnapping!

The stairs up to her house!

It was a kidnapping, so we had to carry her off. I carried her on my back down the stairs in my big heel shoes. Sadie is a light girl, but my muscles are not used that often, so I felt the burn in my legs later that day! It was fun Sadie, thanks for going along with our silliness!

1 comment:

The Perry Family said...

I still think that's so great that you actually carried her off. I can't believe she seriously got on your back. Sweet love, she's meant to be in the family!


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