Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Lia

While in Utah for Thanksgiving we were able to go to Lia's bday party. It was a lot of fun and again, we had yummy BBQ food!
Watching the games begin.
One of the games was to eat your donut without hands and to be the first to chew it all up. Kalin was a good sport. She picked her donut up with her mouth and fit the entire thing in her mouth. She tried super hard to be the first to chew it all up.

Lexi lou didn't want to play the game she just wanted the yummy donut!

Cousing Maka. Loved those donuts!

Cousin Keala after enjoying her powdered sugar donut.

Cousin Ammon excited to play musical chairs.
Cousin Kaiks excited to play a game of musical chairs.

Cousin Roko lookin handsome.
This pinata was different because instead of hitting it you had to pull the right string to make the candy fall.
Lexi pulled the right string and all the candy came falling out of the pinata.

All the kids picking up candy from the pinata.
Lexi digging through her candy.

Happy Birthday cake! She loves Arial, so it was an Arial cake.

Lia opening her gifts.

They roasted marshmallows in the backyard because Lia likes roasting marshmallows. Notice that Ethan is trying to block the heat and flames with a cardboard.
Thanks for inviting us Cab and Temple, we had a blast!

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Kipn n' Sarah said...

Lucky girl to have so many buddies and fam at her party, I bet she got a TON of presents!


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