Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Graham Cracker Ginger Bread Houses

We try to do ginger bread houses every year, but this year I opted for the graham crackers. We did real ginger bread last year and it was a lot of work.

We invited some of our friends over and we all had a great time assembling and decorating our own houses.

As you can see, everyone is so intently working on their works of art. Let me just say that everyone was so creative!

Love the lights on the bushes Brianna, oh yeah and the sled. Ben opted for the candy shaped trees instead of trying to make his own, they look great all in Christmas colors.

Hayley had all kinds of great ideas. Notice the two car garage with two cars in it. Greg added a nice touch with all the snow in the yard. Hey, that looks like our yard right now!

Kalin had so many great details. She made her fence with big gum drops. She's got the car and garage too, thanks to help from Hayley. Hers is chock full of candy that's for sure. I'm sure she planned it that way, so she could eat it for days!!

This is Ethan's house. He really wanted a chimney, snowman and igloo. Good thing we had marshmallows! Daddy was such a big help! He was so busy helping Kalin and Ethan that he didn't make his own. He felt like he'd done enough between the two of them. Thanks so much Daddy!!
This is my house. I was so excited about my Christmas tree.

We're not entering any contest with these, but they are so much fun to make every year. Thanks to our friends for joining us. It was a lot of fun. It's a great thing that we have children that encourage this and look forward to it every year!

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All About DOE said...

Love the houses. It is fun to see how differet people do them. The kids did a great job.


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