Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pictures

We had a very wonderful Christmas this year. We stayed home this year and it was so nice to just relax and enjoy spending time together as a family. We especially love that we get to reflect on the birth of our Savior and read the Christmas story from the Bible together. I just love that my Children call it Jesus' birthday. Lexi got a little board book called "One Baby Jesus" and she kept telling me over and over again that the baby was Jesus. I just love that kids can learn such important things at such a young age!
Here are a few pictures from our Christmas that we wanted to share. I hate to admit it, but all five of us spent the entire day in our pajamas just playing and eating yummy food & sweets!!! Why not when all that was going on outside was SNOW!!!
Each year the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve and it's pjs. I actually thought ahead on this one and I bought these all last year on slashed price clearance after Christmas '07. I actually bought two years worth, but don't tell the kids that. I'm extra prepared, but on this gift only!!!
I just love how Lexi will give us this cheese grin anytime you look at her :)

Matthew had a tradition in his family to leave milk and cookies for Santa and the kids just love it. They were very precise on what cookies they picked out this year.

This is Lexi Christmas morning with her new stuffed animal blankie. She loved it at first sight!

This is Ethan Christmas morning with his new beanie that Nana made for him. Nana you are quite talented!!!! Matthew wants the same exact one in his size :)

This is Kalin on Christmas day opening a present. She is the sweetest thing because with every gift she opens she always says something similar to "this is what I've always wanted!" She'll always make you feel good with whatever present you buy her!

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Kipn n' Sarah said...

Oooo.... looks like so much family fun! Love the PJ's they are super cute! Also LOVE that you stayed in PJ's ALL DAY LONG I am going to do that next year for sure, I do not care who's house we are going to PJ's all the way on Christmas Day! Glad you had a great christms! Your family is beautiful!


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