Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat

Welcome to our home!
Lexi refused to put on any costume and wasn't feeling too great, so she stayed home with mommy and passed out candy.

Our cute little witch.

Mommy witch.

Little "mad" scientist.

Crazy man!!

The two "mad" scientists together.

Our trick-or-treaters.

Crazy concoctions.

Crazy excited for candy!!!
Trick-or-treat, give me something good to eat. It really is a funny thing that we knock on any door and ask for candy. Only on Halloween!

We had a ton of kids trick-or-treating this year.

The kids love this house because every year they have some type of haunted house at their door. This year they also got homemade root beer. YUM! Wish I had gone :)

Still trick-or-treating in the dark.

Their spoils.

And so it begins...the days of "mom can I have some candy?"

Good thing they both have a dentist apt this week!!


brit said...

love the mad scientists! matthew looks hilarious

The Perry Family said...

I can't believe how big my nephew and niece are. Matthew and Ethan really looked like they had fun being scientist together. And Kalin, I'm glad you were a nice witch. Oh, Dacs you looked good too!

The Collins Five said...

They looked so cute. I think Kalin was probably the cutest witch ever.

Anonymous said...

wow, they were out for a long time! All three of them looked great!

Tiffany said...

I think it's funny Lexi wouldn't put on her costume. Ellie wouldn't do any make-up with hers, stubborn girls!
Matthew looks great, love the hair. I'll be happy when the candy's gone. Loved your hat : )

Ann said...

I found your blog from a friend of a friend. (amuse-bouche) My husband and I are living Idaho for the fall season to do research. We also got married in Powell,ID a couple years ago. This is a beautiful state. How long have you lived here?

It looks like a very busy but fun Halloween.

Janiece said...

Looks like they made a very good haul!
The costumes were AWESOME

Rachel said...

Okay, your pumpkins and your costumes were the greatest!!

JT42 said...

what great costumes! I hope to get more into this holiday each least in the costume department :)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

O MY GOODNESS!!! Good, no GREAT costumes, the boys totally crack me up!!! Wow, I love all the costumes so stinkin much did I say that? Looks like fun times and TONS OF CANDY!!!

Trish said...

I love all the costumes! Looks like you guys had had a great time : )


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