Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Family Gatherings

Anyone that's ever hung out with our family knows that we LOVE to PLAY GAMES!
We had a get together game night with Sadie's family so we could meet them before my brother's wedding.

This is the entire bunch playing "Dip Dip Dip, Dippity Dippity Dip". Anyone play that game?

It's loads of fun if you can't tell.

Curtis and Sadie are both the youngest of 9 kids in each family, so you can imagine just how many people were there. We had to move all the furniture to the edge of the room and bring every chair in the house into that one room.

Chelsea with Nani.

One of our favorite family past times is to sit around and play the Uke and sing as a family.
Anyone ever heard "16 tons" on a uke?

Can you see that I took this picture and barely got myself in it! This is my beautiful sister and sister-in-law!

My dad, brother Jai and baby.
Some of Sadie's family.

Nana and Grandpa with Jazzy.

Chelsea, Nani & Lexi

See, I couldn't quite get a picture with me in it :) This is my sister and sister-in-law. Pretty ladies!


Happee-Scrapper said...

Great photos! Can you please explain how to play that game? It looks like tons of fun!

A Happy Heart Blog said...

Wow, what a fun time!

Amanda said...

I am impressed that even with pushing the furniture back you were all able to fit. There must have been munchkins running everywhere!

MaryRC said...

Love Dippity Dip! Ever played Animals?? Awesome group game! BTW I stink at Dippity Dip..

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Looks like fun fun fun times, that looks like a fun game! I can not believe how many people were there, that is CRAZY!!!! I will have to check out that game to play with our fam for sure!

kristib said...

Wow. I'm so jealous of your fun family gatherings.


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