Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday

Another year of Black Friday traditions! I have to admit that I go every year, even if it means going by myself--but it's always funnest with my sisters!

We got up at 4:25am and we made it to Walmart at exactly 4:53am. The entire parking lot was packet full of cars, so we had to park far away and book it so we could get a good deal!

We realized that we weren't going to have much luck when we saw the parking lot, but it didn't even compare to the mayhem inside!

It was standing room only. No one was moving anywhere. I've learned from my past experiences that I NEVER take a cart in Walmart on black Friday. People that haven't learned that yet had ditched carts all over the store, which caused traffic jams everywhere!

This picture expresses how we felt inside the store!
Of course we heard people cursing, saw people pushing, and much more. We're grateful to have made it out alive! :) There was literally one point that I thought I might be physically squished in the store and I had a mini panic attack! I was able to get through the crowd and I stayed to the side aisles after that!

We were able to get a few things that we wanted, so it was worth it.
Whenever I wake up on Black Friday morning I'm too tired to get up and go, but I always go and once I'm out I'm full of energy. (Even though I only had 2 hours of sleep!) It's such a hoot to watch people go crazy! Thanks sisters for going with me, it was much more entertaining with you there!
Thanks Chels for the pictures!


The Piñon Family said...

you are a CRAZY WOMAN!

brit said...

you are crazy! i have gone in the past, but not this year. too much craziness for this lady. but, i would go if i had my sisters to go with me too!

Nikki said...

oh - this year was my first, and while I thought I was insane for going, the deals were so attractive that I will probably go next year...have you ever wondered why they call it Black Friday?? I have yet to find the answer....

Amanda said...

i give you ladies a lot of credit for getting out there and going at it. i totally stay away from that scene!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Ok that is SO FUNNY and you guys are CRAZY!!! I have NEVER shopped on Black Friday but this year was my first time I went to Toys R Us to get a HUGE deal on baby dipers, I got 400+ for $30- RAD!! Got to prepare for our future in 8 months!
By the way your pictures are SO FUNNY and I totally feel like I was there, but glad I was not!

Leah and Greg said...

I always go shopping on Black Friday. However, one of the perks of living in Albuquerque is that although the stores are really busy they are not like there. You can get to Walmart at 4:53 and still get everything you came for. I only stood in line for about 3 minutes and then checked out. It was GREAT!! Toysrus was a different story because they only have a few registers. However, I was still only in the store for about 50 minutes.

shannon said...

You are MAD to go out on that day! And one of those pictures proves it. You guys make me laugh.

kristib said...

You captured exactly the reason I NEVER go out on Black Friday.


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