Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spookfest 2008

Tee hee hee hee, Welcome oh spooky one!

This is our family photo of witches & Mad scientists. Lexi didn't want to put on her lion costume. You can't see Matthew's wig that well, but don't worry, I'll post a close up for Halloween!!!
Do you like how Lexi is holding a balloon string with no balloon at the top? That's because she had a green balloon and we were in front of a green screen :) She refused to put the balloon down for fear that she'd never get it back!! She also has her hand in Matthew's face because she wanted to take his fake teeth out. (Can't see those very well either, but you WILL!)
This year we had some absolutely amazing decorations. These bales of hay were fun to clean up!

We have a ghost coming out of his grave.
Lots of graves and lots of spider webs!

This hallway was pretty sweet with ghost balloons. The balloons had glow sticks in them and were covered in this cheese cloth and some were moving on wires. Cool! This is where the food was eatin, that is before we ran out! Oops! We even bought double what they did last year and we ran out. We had WAY more people show up this year than anyone had anticipated! It was crazy!
In each classroom there were different games for the kids to play and I thought this one looked like fun. It was some type of "Monster Operation".

Each hallway was decorated. And in this hallway you could put your hand in these bowls and feel gooey stuff. No I didn't put my hand in there, I just took pics.

This guy was in that same hallway and I think he was the coolest thing there! This whole hallway was dark, so you'll have to ignore the fact that my flash lit up the entire room! I think this person was standing on a table all night long. He was also at the entrance to the spook alley.

Enter if you Dare!!! This is the first year we had a haunted house (well it was a trailer outside, but same difference) and the kids all loved it. The lady that was in charge of it went all out and she did an amazing job. My kids LOVED it!

This is where I spent the entire night! I know I have all these pics, but that's because I left for a few minutes to get pictures before they took everything down! Just to give you some idea of what I was talking about tickets. We pre-sold over 9600 tickets and tonight at the event we sold over 6000 tickets. That's a lot of tickets and we were busy the entire night with nothing but tickets, oh yeah, and money.

This was an awesome fundraiser for the PTO and we're SO thankful to everyone who helped. There was the PTO board, the WOMAN IN CHARGE, her family, her sisters and their families, the decoration committee, the room moms, the University volunteers, the principal, the janitor, the lunch room employees, the husbands of all the women helping and I'm sure many more people that I'm forgetting to mention. It takes so many people doing there part to make this kind of event happen--and happen well!

Thanks, I won't be doing it again next year. That's for sure! Any takers? J/K, you know how I am, I'm sure I'll be there helping again in some regard next year. I'm a sucker for a party and for organization! See you then!

**Edited 11/6/08 Just to clarify, it was a school PTO event and not our church event. It was a fundraiser for our school. I was not the WOMAN IN CHARGE, Chris was. Thanks Chris!


The Collins Five said...

That looks incredible. I am so sad we missed it. I am also so sorry I know my room did not look like that. I did not realize we had to decorate way out. I just assigned it to another Mom and told her to set the game up. We only went the first year we moved here and it was nothing like that. In fact, it was kind of lame. That looked so cool. My kids were way bummed out they couldn't go. You guys did a fantastic job. Way to go.

Rachel Moore said...

Dacia, what a success! We were there last night, and you all looked so busy.. There were a ton of people, and I couldn't believe the decorations!! My kids wouldn't let us go in the spook ally, but they sure had fun with all the games.. Thank you!

Rachel Moore said...

My kids had such a fun time with all the games, and I couldn't believe the decorations!! What a great time.. thank you!

Rachel Moore said...

oh... I get it..this is my third comment because you get to see them before they're posted! AWesome! You don't have to post all of them just because I'm a dork! You're so fun to be around, Dacia.. just thought I'd add that for you too!!! Bye

kristofer and corrine said...

great pictures! That looks like it was SO much fun!! I really like your family picture, it it sweet! I am glad you all had fun, and it does look like A LOT of WORK! :)

The Perry Family said...

Kalin you are such a cute witch, I mean spooky witch! Lexi didn't want to be a lion or a witch? I can't wait to see close up pics. Nice job with the tickets! I wish I could have you around to organize and plan all sorts of things and be in charge. Looks like it was fun!

Tiffany said...

ok, that doesn't look like Matthew at all! I can't wait to see him for halloween, he better come to our door!
The place looked amazing, you all did a great job. Although I have to say that's one party I don't know that I'd want to be in charge of. Good job!

Olayan Family said...

Holy smokes! Do we have to move to Idaho in order to have activities the way your ward does it? Your family looks so cute all dressed up. Can't wait to see the up close shots of Matthew.


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