Friday, October 10, 2008

Nite, Nite Mommy

I heard Lexi making some noise over by the baker's rack and I thought she was just playing with the trunk, but I found her going "nite, nite" as she says.

I can't even believe she fits down there. Funny girl.

She kept getting down and climbing back up on top of the trunk and telling me "nite, nite Mommy" Gotta love it!


The Collins Five said...

That is really cute. She is so sweet. I love the places kids can go.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

What a hoot!

Holly said...

Hi Dacia-
Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog, I love comments! I'm always wondering if anyone cares. I'm glad you found my blog, that way I can check yours out! Your pictures are so cute, what a darling family you have. See you later!

Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I've finally gotten around to adding you to my blogroll. Sorry it's taken so long!

Rolyndia said...

So cute!!

The Kemps said...

Too cute!!


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