Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Blogging our Vacation: Day 12

(Thurs. Aug 14, 2008)

The night before, we went to the grocery store and the girls picked out nail polish and nail stickers to we could all have cute toenails.

The girls picked out what stickers they wanted on their toes. Aren't they cute!

Mommy toes too. I had to get in on the action since my toes were seeing the California sun.

We had some time to burn this day, so we thought we'd check out the local mall that we used to go to when we were younger. It was crazy because this mall was like a ghost town.

I read in an article that with it's various buildings and on its outskirts, the mall totals nearly 1 million square feet. How sad that there are hardly any vendors in the entire mall. I remember going there when I was in high school and there were at least people there. Crazy!

We went to another mall and that was another disappointment. I guess it wasn't our day for shopping. Never fear, we were able to make up for that later!!

Matthew was able to get a hold of one of his high school friends Drew and we were able to spend time with his family. He's married with two boys. Matthew got to catch up on old times and me and all the kids swam. The weather was HOT the entire time we were in California! It was great to see you and your family Drew! Especially since I've always heard a lot about you, but never met you :)

We got to spend Thursday night with Grama, Aunt Jen Jen and Uncle David. We had dinner at Baker's our favorite place to GRUB! It's like we have not control when it comes to Baker's. The yummy fries, hamburgers, combo burritos and those Shakes! I'm so hungry right now for Baker's just thinking about it and it's only 9:30am! :)

After Dinner we went to Fairmont park a place Matthew grew up going to.

Have you ever seen a million geese? We went to the park with bread to feed the ducks and geese. We had no idea that there were like a million of them and that's exactly what it seemed like, once they were all surrounding us! Jen was the smart one and she stayed far away. Once the animals realized that we were feeding them, they ALL decided to come after us. They chased us quite a ways around the park. At one point Ethan got separated from us and was completely surrounded by geese. He had to be rescued! Grama was hilarious because she was walking briskly away from the geese, but kept throwing them bread at the same time. We were all laughing hysterically--all, except Jenny :)

We had to walk off all that yummy Baker's food!

Of course after all that fun at Fairmont park we had to get some Thrify Ice Cream!!! For me it's always the Chocolate Malted Crunch! YUM! I should go eat breakfast :)


SayitwithanH said...

Thanks DACIA! Now I'm hungry and I'm in Utah. ;) I love the picture of the girls and their toes. So cute.

shannon said...

can I say you take great photographs?!!

Dacia said...

Sorry, I didn't take all those photographs. I wish I was that good! I downloaded some from the internet because I didn't have the photos I wanted :)


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