Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tinker Toys 101

So I was going about my business the other day, doing things that I needed to get done when Kalin said to me, "Mom can you help me build this?" My first thought was "I have a million things to get done." Then of course I couldn't resist this cute face. So we sat for quite some time following the picture instructions building the ride that she went on at Disneyland Adventure. I'm not much for playing little kid things, but I love Tinker Toys!
Kalin was so happy that she was able to help build it. What a big girl.

Lexi just had to have her picture taken too! Such a cutie!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

that thing is HUGE good job girls!!!! Looks like it was tons of fun and lots of bonding time! Special moments like these!

JT42 said...

way too go!


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