Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cute Girls

Kalin always helps pick out her outfit in the morning and I just make sure she matches. She always says to me, "My teacher is going to think I'm so pretty."
She was born with the personality of a "princess" and she loves to have her hair done.
Thanks to the previous website that I mentioned last week, I've gotten some ideas. This one I did on my own, with a little inspiration from the websites. She actually has two braids on each side that are tied in a knot and then wrapped around the knot and tucked back under the elastic. She's always a little wiggly when I do her hair, but she'll quit when I tell her that I won't do her hair if she doesn't sit still.

I just had to show pictures of both my cuties!

Aren't they just beautiful!!!!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

You are getting dang good at that hair stuff. Love this new style. I am so not good at hair stuff on myself. Maybe I should check it out for just me.
Anyway your girls are absolutly BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Andy and Lynne said...

you are the bloggingest blogger i know, everytime i click on your blog there are so many new updates. i love the hairstyles you are trying on your girls. i tried one of them on addie today but her hair isn't long enough, it has already fallen out and it has only been 2 hours. i cannot wait for bunco tonight, i know you will do such a great job, it is going to be so fun!!


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