Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Independence Day!!!

We had a very eventful day today. We first started the day off with a parade. It was really hot, so everyone looks hot and sticky!

This year we knew someone in the parade--Kalin!! I didn't get very good pictures as I was running down the street, but Matthew got good video. Unfortunately our camcorder is from the stone age and is not digital. This is the video that I took from my camera. It's not the best, but I was trying to take video and walk at the same time. Kalin was so cute, although she may have been a little embarrassed that her mom was screaming and following her taking lots of pictures! What can I say!
After the parade we decided that we had had enough with this hairdo of Ethan's. Since we got a coupon for a haircut we took him in to get a new do.

I just love it when his hair is just cut. He's so cute!

After some quiet time, a movie and a quick nap we went to our neighborhood BBQ and fireworks celebration.

Lexi just did her own thing all night. The kids love to play with her because she's like their little play doll. She enjoyed herself.

This is the group gathered after playing, eating, chatting and volleyball. We're getting set up for our own fireworks street show! We just love the neighborhood that we live in!

Daddy, the pyro!

These were some of the fireworks that our neighbor set off. I was so excited that my camera had a fireworks show setting. Can you tell?

The only thing was that the fireworks that were launched into the air were so loud that the kids had to cover their ears. They decided that they needed to keep their ears covered the entire time. Lexi did not feel the need to cover her ears. She loved the fireworks and even walked around with her own sparkler!

This is to show that I was actually there! That's what happens when you take all the pictures! :)

God Bless America!!!

We love this land and we love our freedom and we thank all those who have paid for our freedom! We also thank the Lord for the blessing to have been born in this free country!


Morgan said...

I gotta say, yesterday morning I was really missing the parade in Rexburg. I think because we live in such a large city that they don't have them here. Weird. You have to have a parade on the 4th.

Anonymous said...

Your fireworks pictures are amazing! I'm jealous.

Trish said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the this Holiday.

Ethan’s new hair cut looks really good.


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