Friday, June 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

So on Thursday I spent the day cleaning the basement. I say I spent the day because there were so many toys down there on the floor that it took that long! It was nice because I was able to do a spring cleaning and go through all the toys and clean and dust the entire room. It feels nice to have a clean basement. My kids aren't too happy because I'm getting rid of a lot of things, but they don't play with them anyway. All the toys end up on the floor at the same time and the basement becomes a huge danger zone. We're joining a friends garage sale tomorrow, so hopefully we'll make a few bucks on old toys!

These are some of the things that we are getting rid of. We had these really cute storage bins, but I can't stand them anymore! The kids just go down to the basement and dump out every bin onto the floor! Not anymore!
This is what the basement looks like now! Beautiful huh? Oh wait, that's not my kid in this picture...



Oh yeah, this is our basement! I know it's not pretty, but we're glad that we have a basement where the kids can play. There's a lot more room this way and hopefully it will stay a little cleaner! I've organized all the toys into bins with lids and hopefully that will help cut down on the mess. These kids have more toys then I will ever have in my entire lifetime!

The first thing Ethan said to me when I was done cleaning the basement was "Mom there's so much room!" I told them this is what the floor looks like when the toys are put away! Anyway, the first thing they did this morning when they woke up was go to the basement and build this train track. Ethan was so proud of his track that I had to take pictures and share. I guess they both forgot how much room they would have to play if they would just put things away after playing with them. For one whole day so far they've been good about putting everything away when they are done. We'll see how long that will last!!! If not, I'll just have another garage sale or DI everything.
Ethan's tunnels that he was so proud of.

Kalin helped build the track too and they were sure to show me what they each built. It was nice that they played together in a CLEAN room :)

This is how I dream my basement looks...

Just look at all that great organization! That's what pottery barn does for me--give me dreams! Okay, just materialistic ones, but hey it's still fun to think that my basement really looks this good. :)

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Kipn n' Sarah said...

I love this post, especially all the dreaming pictures at the end. You have good taste. I love all those ideas as well.
Congrats on getting all that spring cleaning done! Im proud!
Love the train track too!


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