Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Visit

We were so lucky to have some of Matthew's family come and visit this weekend. We had a lot of fun and boy did we GRUB!! So much for that diet!
Walking on BYUI campus.

Visiting Matthew's office. Lexi hamming it up.

Sister love!

Night time walk. We needed that bug repellant that I'm holding, 'cause the mosquitos were out in full force!

Stroke a pose!! Why? I don't really know :)


Kalin opening an early bday present!

Eating yummy stuffed artichokes and sauce!

Loving the food and company--I guess!

Taking lots of pics!

Getting some Uncle Bri Bri love.


Group pic.

Group pic.

1 comment:

The Perry Family said...

I can just imagine all the laughing and good food, I wish I could've hung out too! Nice pose, by the way!
Oh, and the speed walking, WOW...what more can I say?!


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