Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Fun Night

Santa bought us all silly string this last Christmas and we decided it was time to finally use it.

Lexi was trying to stay safe on the back patio. Plus she hates to walk on the grass without her shoes, so she's kinda stuck.

Kalin working really hard to press down the button.

Kalin chasing Daddy and Lexi.
Ethan chasing Kalin Kalin with her head covered in silly string.

Matthew didn't get that covered because he ran really fast!

Ethan got it after chasing his sister.


Crabtree Family said...

Looks like fun and a great way to run some energy off. Where are you? I don't see you chasing Matthew: )
Oh the simple pleasures in life.

Amanda said...

What a cute idea. Good way to spend family night. I will file that one away.

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh, how fun! I love silly string. I am glad that the weather finally warmed up for you guys in Rexburg!

John and Trina Busch said...

How fun! I think everyone needs a good messy fun every once in a while! even you cleanfreaks ;) jk. when are we going to do a game night?

Kipn n' Sarah said...

You guys are such a freakin cute family, seriously, you guys rock!!! I love it so much! I am going to copie all your cool ideas someday when we have a little family!

Trish said...

I love that picture of Kalin holding the can! She’s got that – I’m going to GET YOU, look on her face. To fun. I’ll have to try this on the kids. They’ll love it.

Rolyndia said...

I love silly string. May have to go get some and chase the kids.


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