Thursday, June 05, 2008


Lexi's favorite word is baby! She calls anyone and everyone a baby. It doesn't matter if the child is bigger or older than she is. This is a picture of her holding her own baby!

I just love how she sits on the couch with a blanket on her lap with her baby watching a movie! She loves to watch Bambi.


Trish said...

Ahh, that's the sweetest thing!

Amanda said...

Oh, so cute! I think it is so funny when kids start refering to everyone as a baby! Makenna does that too.
It looks to me like she is ready to be a big

brit said...

i love little girls, and how their maternal instincts kick in at such a young age! i wish i had another little girl. lexi is so cute!

kristib said...


Esther calls any male (even older men) "that little boy". It cracks me up.


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