Friday, May 16, 2008

What's wrong with this picture?

That's right, this lovely truckload of dirt is half way on my lawn!!!!! Ughhh! I came home Wednesday night to find this big pile of dirt in my backyard. I didn't even know we were getting dirt yet, let alone, having it delivered on my grass!!! I think there was some miscommunication between Matthew and our friend.

Anyway, I started to work on this pile on Thursday and worked for about four hours. And got about 1/3 of it moved off the grass. Then on Friday I started at the big dreaded pile and my good friend Lynne came to my rescue!! What an awesome friend. I didn't ask her to come help me nor did I expect her too, she just showed up with her shovel and went to work. Two wheel barrels, two shovels, two pairs of gloves and 3 hours later (with a lunch break in between), we were done. Our children were able to entertain each other and that was a great help too.

I so could not have done it without you Lynne!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooooooo much!!

Against my better judgement I'm posting this picture. Remember I've been working for a long time and this is not a flattering outfit. Anyway, we can now see the grass again, even if it's covered in a layer of dirt. Now we'll have to assess if the sprinklers are still alive.

Matthew gets the job of moving the rest of the dirt that is not on the grass. I'm not too worried about that because at least it's not on my GRASS!


The Piñon Family said...

Not fun! But it looks like the weather has improved!

The Kemps said...

Wow! That's some pile of dirt! You are woman!! Talk about building some serious muscle!!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

you sure are a go getter, I just love that! You just grab a shovel and work your hiney off until what you want done is done. Great Job for being such a strong woman. That would have drove me nuts to have the dirt on my grass too.... if I had grass in my back yard right now it's all dirt so dirt on my dirt would not hurt. Wow, I ryme!

Crabtree Family said...

Ok now i feel guilty, I should have been there with you two! I do have a pretty good excuse, family here and kids with 103 degree temp's. Glad you got it off your grass.

Amanda said...

Look at the guns in that picture! Nice! I give you credit for getting out there and getting the job done right!

Dacia said...

Tiff you so don't have to feel guilty about being out there wish a shovel! I think being pregnant is a really good excuse! Plus, Lynne is like She-Ra out there! She could have done it all by herself and not even looked like she lifted a finger!


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