Saturday, May 10, 2008


"Croup is characterized by a loud cough that may sound like the barking of a seal and may be accompanied by fast or difficult breathing and sometimes a grunting noise or wheezing while breathing." (

So Lexi was on an antibiotic last week for the beginnings of an ear infection. The day she ended her antibiotics she started coughing. Last night when she went to sleep she sounded a little wheezy. I put the humidifier in her room and turned on the baby monitor. I stayed up until about 1 am to make sure she was sleeping well. She woke up around 3am crying and I brought her into our bedroom. She sounded quite wheezy and her breathing was labored. So I called the after hours nurse and bugged her (probably from sleep) for information as to what to do. I thought maybe Lexi had RSV. Anyway, the nurse said it sounded like croup and told me what to do. So, Matthew gave her a father's blessing and we decided that we'd wait until Community Care opened in the morning.
Matthew, the wonderful husband that he is, took Lexi and Kalin around 8:30am to the doctors. Lexi got a steroid shot and more antibiotics. Kalin was really concerned that the baby was getting a shot. I was so glad that Matthew let me sleep this morning so I could function the rest of the day.
Lexi is already sounding better. She is still coughing, but doesn't sound so wheezy. She's still a little cranky, but that's expected when you don't feel well. I hope tonight is more sleepful!


brit said...

i am so sorry. croup is not fun. andrew gets it every winter at least once. hope she gets better soon! happy mother's day. we are headed to MT again this summer. are you going to be around in july (other than the weekend we all go to UT) we would love to stop and see you again.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Well your husband really is wonderful. I am sure that was the best Mothers Day gift he could give you, some sleep and healthy kids. What a great man!
Well I hope that you enjoyed your Mothers Day due to the circumstances. Happy Mothers Day!
Hope your kiddo's get feeling better soon!

Windy said...

I remember when my little sister would get croup all of the time, so I was prepared when my kids got it. Hopefully the nurse told you to steam up your bathroom as much as you possibly can and then sit with the child in it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then go out into some cold air for another 5 to 10 minutes. This is easy to do in the winter - bundle her up in blankets and walk outside. A trick I use when it's not cold enough outside is to open up the freezer and hold her in front of the open fridge.

Hope Lexi gets better quickly!

kristib said...

We had a croup-y night with Seth one time, and ended up sitting in the bathroom with the shower on to help him breathe. No fun! Hope she gets well soon!

And Happy Mother's Day!

The Perry Family said...

My friend's bot gets that all the time.


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