Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Family Fun

Kalin, our little princess loves to dance and it doesn't matter to what kind of music. So we put on the primary church music and she danced with her Daddy. She insisted that he put his hand on her shoulder so she could hold onto her dress with her other hand. We promised Daddy that we wouldn't show too much of his pjs in the picture, but just enough so you could see who she's dancing with. Daddy is such a great dance partner

Of course everyone else wanted to dance too! Love the socks Lexi!

Even Ethan wanted to dance--surprise, surprise!! He of course had some of his own moves to throw in there!

This one he came up with all on his own. He told me that sometimes this is what people do when they dance. Kalin sure loved it!


brit said...

too cute! i love both of the girls' dresses. adorable. good for ethan to dance w/ his sister. and i noticed he's smiling for the picture.

Amanda said...

That is absolutely adorable! I am impressed that Ethan is not too embarrassed to have his mom take a picture of him dancing with his sister. That is good. What a fun family!

Dacia said...

Ethan has no problem taking pictures unless it is a formal family or group picture, then of course as you've seen, it's almost impossible to get a smile from him.

kristib said...

Is he holding her ankle? That is too cute!

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Wow, it looks like your kids are total naturals when it comes to dancing which is really no shocker to me you are an OLAYAN after all! I love the moves, and think it is seriously the cutest thing ever that she wanted to hold her dress like that. How fun! Love the post!


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