Saturday, April 26, 2008

Food and Family

Did I ever tell you that we love to eat. After Leila's graduation we had a BIG BBQ at my brother's house in Highland. Here is one counter top filled with food.

AND here is a table filled with food. We had Allen's famous terriyaki chicken (YUM), kalua pork, fried rice, white rice, potato salad, green salad, watermelon, pani popo, cakes, chocolate lush (one of my faves Mel!), strawberry cake, brownies, rolls, frog eye salad, and more. There was so much food that I can't remember it all. Matthew was so glad that I froze some chicken and pork and brought it home to him. He was so sad that he missed out on all the chow! I think that I grew to pant sizes over the weekend! :)

This is my cute niece Loraleen and her 2 week old little girl. She's such a doll!

Lexi couldn't get enough of this ride. Her uncle said he didn't mind 'cause Lexi weighed next to nothing. Her cute little cousin Morah is holding her.

Good times!

Lexi couldn't handle just sitting next to that huge chocolate cake, so she got her own slice. YUM!
I just love getting together with my family. It was so nice to see everyone! We love you all and we're so happy for you Leila!


Windy said...

You need to post the teriyaki chicken and chocolate lush recipes! Sounds fabulously delicious.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Looks like a total blast, Olayan party's are always the best and quite eventful at that! Im glad that you got to see everyone and eat such yummy yummy foods! Next time you see the gang tell um all hi for me!
O and who lives in Highland now??? Is it Darren and Mel? I need to keep up on you all.


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