Tuesday, April 08, 2008

April Fools Post Reply

Sorry, I've been out of town until today, so I haven't been able to respond to your comments regarding the April Fools post.

Matthew didn't really do anything that big, but I'm so gullible and he tricked me over and over. You'd think that I would have remembered that it was April Fools day. He did fool me into thinking that someone that didn't like us was coming over to our house after not seeing us for 7 years. And that this person was going to come over right in the middle of a business meeting. I was totally shocked and thought to myself "today of all days!" Anyway, this was like at 9 am in the morning, so I didn't even realize the date by then. Not that it mattered once I knew the date.

I don't remember all the little pranks he pulled on me (memory loss from having kids), but I do remember one. He came home from work and I asked him to change the baby because I had already changed a poopy diaper and I thought she had just pooped before he got home. He went to change her then yelled to me that she had pooped all through her clothes. I went running to her room because I felt bad that I didn't even notice that she had made that type of mess. When I got in the room Matthew said "April Fools". Now, this was near the end of the day and I'd had it with his little jokes, so he got a nice little slug from me. He thought he was so funny!


Trish said...

Dacia, You made me LOL. Matt got you pretty good. Sounds like your fun to tease. Hee hee! : )

Stephanie said...

Yeah, I would definitely slug him for that one. :-)

Anonymous said...

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