Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lexi Not Talking

One of our favorite things is that whenever anyone comes in the door Lexi screams "Hiiiiii" in her highest pitch voice. Unfortunately I couldn't get it on video no matter how hard I tried, but I thought she was so funny in this clip that I had to share. She is making a silly face and trying to get really close to the camera. Just so you know, her hair starts out being done in the morning, but by the afternoon, she's pulled out her ponytail. Oh well. She must like the hair sticking up look. She's adorable either way!


brit said...

She's so cute. I can't believe she's old enough to be walking and talking. She was just a itty bitty thing crawling last time i saw her.

kristib said...


When Esther's hair was shorter, I would put it into a ponytail, which she would pull out by afternoon. The style and color reminded us of 'Syndrome' on 'The Incredibles'.

The Perry Family said...

I just love how cute this little girl is!

Anonymous said...

So, so adorable!!

Windy said...

Laura is almost 5 and I still can't get her to leave a ponytail in her hair for more than a few hours.


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