Saturday, March 22, 2008

Curious George Joins Us for the Weekend

Kalin was so excited that she finally got to bring home Curious George from preschool. They have this bag at preschool that the kids get to take turns taking home. In the bag there is of course, Curious George, books and a journal. Kalin did absolutely everything she could with Curious George that day. She red books to him; she colored in the journal with him; she tried to take him in the bath; she let him sleep in her bed; she played in the basement with him; she tried to bring him to the dinner table; and she even tried to take him to a friends house with her. She is determined that he's going to have a great time at our house. He's so lucky to be spending Easter with us. Who knows what he'll get to do tomorrow!

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The Perry Family said...

Tweedle Beetle, I'm so glad that Curious George was there to "Hang" out! I hope he had a good Easter and I'm glad he didn't make it in the bath. Monkeys clean themselves anyway.


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