Sunday, February 03, 2008

So Much Snow!

So we had to post a picture to show just how much snow we have gotten here in Rexburg! The snow in the front yard was up to my thighs. Can you even believe how much snow there is? We still can't believe that it won't stop snowing. I was talking with a friend and her husband the other day, her husband grew up in this area and he said that he hasn't seen a winter like this in at least 10 years! It gives me hope that we won't have another one like this next year, but who knows! If ever we wished we had a snow blower. This would be the year. I was outside for 1 1/2 hours shoveling snow from our driveway. I figured that I would take a rest after I did all that work. It was funny because when I was almost done a neighbor down the street came out with his snowblower. He was done with his driveway in about 15 minutes! I was still trying to add to this huge pile by the time he was done. Of course by the time I was done my nemesis came out to join me--the wind. I'm sure by tomorrow morning the snow will have all blown back into the driveway or the city plow will shove it all back if the wind hasn't. Oh the life of a Rexburgian! (Is that a word?)

Oh come on, I think I deserve to play in it a little since I spent all that time shoveling it! To be a child again!


Krazy Kemps said...

Yikes!! That's some serious snow!!

Windy said...

I hate to say it, because you probably won't appreciate it, but man - I wish we had your problem. The most snow we've gotten this year (at least at our house) is one half of an inch. Granted, I wouldn't want a whole winter of snow up to my hips, but a week or so would be nice.

I love checking out your blog and seeing how you guys are doing!


crazyclarks said...

you are much funner than I am, I drive to my mailbox.

Kipn n' Sarah said...

Girl, you are crazy, I can not believe that pile of snow. How did you shovel all of that?? The pile is taller than you, ok you are a champ for sure and I have so much respect for your dedication, YIKES!!!
Kip and I want to end up in Idaho but now I am thinking that I love SoCal!


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