Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kid Update for Grandparents

This is a special update for the Grandparents...We had parent/teacher conference today and we just had to brag a little about Ethan. Ethan scored excellent in ready, got 100% in math (the only one in his class), his penmanship was excellent, and he also got 100% in spelling. We were, and are, so proud of him and his accomplishments, so we took him out for a special treat--Cold Stone ice cream. The picture above is a picture that he drew in class and his teacher said that he loves to draw, which we can attest to. He is always drawing space, treasure maps, and he even will draw princesses for his little sister. He is doing so well in school and it makes us so happy to know that while he is away at school, he is okay. He has an awesome teacher too!

Side note: That jacket that we bought twice, finally showed up in the lost and found today (3 months later)! For those of you who don't know that story, it's a great one for all parents and we learned that you really have to write their name on everything they take to school. Here's the story...We bought Ethan a jacket for winter because as you've read previously on this blog, it's cold here. He wore it to school one day and didn't come home with it. Now we invested a good amount of money on this jacket because we wanted it to do a good job in keeping him warm, so needless to say, I was not happy when he came home without it. For the next month and a half we checked the lost and found diligently and it never showed up. He was wearing his old little jacket during this time. Right around Thanksgiving, they took everything from the lost and found to the DI, and we hadn't seen his jacket in there up to that point, so we figured it was a goner. He liked that jacket so much that we decided to buy the same one for him again. This time it was a few dollars cheaper, but not enough to make us feel any better. Anyhow, today when we went to parent/teacher conference we looked in the lost and found and there was his shiny new jacket just sitting on top of all the other jackets. We were so shocked and surprised and happy at the same time. Now we need to figure out what to do with it. Matthew wants to save it for Kalin, but it's black and I know for a fact that when she's old enough to fit it she'll want something girly! Lesson learned--write his name on his jacket. The second one we bought had his name in it in three different places the first day he wore it!!

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