Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rexburg Temple Open House

On Tuesday, Jan. 8th we were so excited to have gone to the Rexburg Temple Open House as a family. A few days before we moved here in Aug. 2005 they broke ground for a new temple here in Rexburg and our family has watched the temple being built since then. Our kids were so excited to have the chance to finally go in the temple. Ethan, like his Dad, just loves temples and knows many of them by picture. He was so happy for this occasion. It was a cold and snowy day when we went, so we were all bundled up for the occasion. Once inside it was nice and toasty and we got to climb the stairs to each floor, so by the end of the tour I was loaded down with five jackets and Matthew was carrying the baby. We must have been quite the sight. It was a fun occasion and we realize just how blessed we are as many people don't get this once in a lifetime opportunity. It was really special for me when we went into the sealing room as a family. Before we went in I told Kalin it was the room where you get married and she was so excited. I can't wait for the day that we get to attend our children's marriages in the temple. What a great day that will be for each of them.

This is the picture of the temple brochure that you get at the beginning of the tour. If you would like to see more pictures of the inside of the temple please visit the following site
There are some beautiful photos on that site of the interior of the temple.
This is one of the napkins that we got after the tour when we had punch and cookies at the church next door. Isn't it pretty? We just had to share.

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Krazy Kemps said...

What a wonderful opportunity and blessing!!! You are such wonderful parents!!

It is amazing the lasting impact of touring the temple will have on your children. We took our boys to Texas for the San Antonio Temple Open House when they were quite little. I really didn't think they'd still remember it but not long ago I overheard them talking about it and was completely amazed at the random little details that really stuck with them.


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